Leadership Certificate Process

On average, students spend 15 hours per semester completing the following certificate components.

  • Self-Assessment: Complete the Student Leadership Practices Inventory, an evidence-based 360 degree leadership measurement tool designed to measure the frequency with which you engage in effective behaviors.
  • Foundation Sessions: Attend engaging lectures and interactive workshops that cover the most important knowledge and skills to prepare you for your leadership journey.
  • Practical Experience: Apply one of more than 1,000 leadership opportunities on campus for personal and professional exploration.
  • Portfolio: Collect and reflect on your leadership growth throughout the year with this interactive tool. Once complete, your portfolio will serve as a guide to building your career plan and public presentation.
  • Career Plan: Construct a career plan that helps you to articulate your leadership skills and experiences on a resume, cover letter, and in an interview. During this step, you will also begin to build your own professional network.
  • Public Presentation: Share what you have learned and accomplished with the campus community through a formal presentation.

What is a leadership coach?

You will be paired with a current Gettysburg College professor, administrator, or staff member who will serve as a committed and trained coach to guide you through the process. Your coach is not a leadership ‘expert’ but rather a facilitator of the process who serves as a resource for you throughout the year.