(Editors Note: This article on Brooke Gutschick '17 was originally featured on the homepage of the Gettysburg College website. Brooke serves as a Leadership Mentor for the Garthwait Leadership Center.)

Brooke Gutschick ’17 takes a deep breath and walks to the front of a room filled with members of the Gettysburg College Board of Trustees. She has been invited to present on her experience as a participant in the Garthwait Leadership Center (GLC). It’s a stressful assignment for the most seasoned of professionals, let alone an undergrad.

She begins her story…

Only three weeks after her arrival on campus, Gutschick ran for First-Year Class President and won. Having been involved in Student Senate since the 7th grade, it only felt natural to continue. So at the end of that same year, she ran for re-election—but this time the result was different. Gutschick was devastated.

“How could I have lost?” “What did I do wrong?” Questions swirled as Gutschick wrestled with what to do next.

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