Big Impact, small footprint: Jason McCaffrey '94 is Patagonia's Director of Surf

Solving puzzles is something that Jason McCaffrey ’94 likes to do.

Not only does he like it, but he is good at it, too.

It’s what drew him to the political science and environmental studies program as a student—back when environmental studies was a new and virtually unheard of academic discipline—and it is what distinguishes him as the Global Business Unit Director, Surf Division, for Patagonia today.

“I remember one project in particular,” McCaffrey recalls from his days as an undergrad. “We had to pick a problem like fossil fuels, examine the cause and effect this problem had on the environment, and determine a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution.

“For me, it was all about researching alternatives and seeing a different way of getting to the same place. It was a new wave back then—it wasn’t something that a whole lot of people were paying attention to, but it really caught my attention because of how it combined my interests.”

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